Icon™ Laser: Repair and Refresh Damaged Skin with Photorejuvenation

They say you should love the skin you’re in, but it would be a little easier to love if you could smooth out or eliminate some of its imperfections. Just as most things on your body break down and deteriorate as you get older, your skin does too.

Brown spots, freckles, and discoloration are marks of aging skin, life’s adventures, and time spent in the sun. Scars and other markings can detract from your appearance. Makeup can help mask some of these imperfections, but a photo rejuvenation treatment with the Icon™ laser can help eliminate or reduce the appearance of those markings.

How the Icon™ laser can improve your skin

The Icon™ laser is a fractional laser and intense pulse light (IPL) system that, at different settings, can accomplish a variety of skin improvement services such as minimizing brown spots and skin pigmentation, reducing facial hair, fading scars and eliminating facial veins.

The Icon™ laser technology delivers pulses of light that penetrate deep into your skin’s surface and stimulate the regeneration of new, repaired, and refreshed skin.

What is photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation — also called intense pulse light, photofacial, and IPL — delivers high-intensity light pulses to dark spots and other pigmentation issues as well as damaged blood vessels on your face, arms, décolleté, or back while leaving the surrounding skin alone.

The light pulses stimulate the production of collagen, a protein naturally found in your body that diminishes as you age. Collagen helps skin look younger, tighter, and firmer.

The benefits of photorejuvenation include:

What to expect during an Icon™ laser session

The procedure usually takes about 10-20 minutes, depending on which areas you’re getting treated. At Danvers Family Doctors, P.C., we generally apply a numbing cream before the treatment to help keep your skin cool and comfortable during the procedure.

During the procedure, we use a handheld device to target your problem spots. You may feel a zing or burn during the procedure. People have described it as similar to the snap of a rubber band. Most people tolerate the treatment quite well.

For maximum results, we may recommend two sessions spaced a few weeks apart, depending on your skin goals.

What you can expect after an Icon laser session

One of the benefits of the Icon™ laser is that there is no downtime after this procedure. You may be a little red immediately following the treatment, but that should subside shortly. You can return to your normal, daily activities.

Soon after the treatment, expect the brown spots on your face to get darker and a little crusty before falling away. This is a normal part of the IPL process. Once they fall away, you’re left with clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Following your treatment, practice healthy skin habits such as using moisturizer and sunblock. Yearly maintenance treatments can help your skin stay young and beautiful for the long-term.

For more information on how the Icon™ laser can help improve your skin and help you look younger, call us at Danvers Family Doctors in Danvers, Massachusetts.

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