How the Icon™ Laser Can Renew Your Appearance

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The Icon™ system uses a multifaceted laser that can improve the appearance of your skin in a many of ways. Whether you want to erase those acne scars that have plagued you for years, remove those pesky chin hairs that have started to crop up, or reduce the lines, wrinkles, and brown spots that are hallmarks of aging skin, the Icon laser can help you.

But it can do even more to renew your appearance. Here’s what we at Danvers Family Doctors want you to know about these and other Icon laser skin services.

What is the Icon laser system?

Icon is an effective fractional laser system that, at different settings, can accomplish a variety of skin improvement services. It uses pulses of light to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface.

For all the skin and hair removal services that the Icon laser can deliver, most people need three to five sessions spaced a few weeks apart for maximum effectiveness, depending on the area being treated and your desired results. After the treatment, some people experience redness and mild swelling near the treatment area, but this subsides within a day or two.

How the Icon laser can help you look better

Whatever your skin care need is, our experts at Danvers Family Doctors meet with you first for a consultation to develop a personalized skin care treatment plan. Treatment options include:

Acne scar reduction

Pimples, unfortunately, mar your appearance while they’re visible and then later when they’ve left their marks as acne scars. There are raised acne scars, also called hypertrophic or keloid scarring, and depressed scars that are also referred to as atrophic scars.

The Icon laser can treat both types of acne scars by boosting collagen and elastin production that over time either fill in the depressed scars or smooth out the raised ones.

Facial pigmentation

Brown spots, marks, or blotches — also called facial pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or facial discoloration — can detract from your appearance and make you look older. Aging, long-term exposure to the sun, and pregnancy can cause these marks.

The Icon laser uses photorejuvenation technology to deliver beams of focused light on the affected areas. After your treatment, these marks eventually flake off, leaving clearer, smoother skin.

Facial vein treatment

Swollen veins on your legs can be unattractive, but at least you can cover them up. When you have veins on your face, you’re not that lucky. Even makeup is no match for these squiggly blue and red veins. Icon laser technology can reduce the appearance of tiny facial veins by damaging the vein wall, causing it to collapse and shrink without damaging the surrounding skin.

Laser hair reduction

If only hair would grow where you want it to — and only where you want it to. Unfortunately, it can sprout on your chin, cheeks, lips, and of course, your underarms, bikini line, and legs. While tweezing, waxing, and shaving do the job, they can be tedious and they are definitely not long-lasting. Laser hair reduction can reduce the amount of unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

The Icon laser targets the hair follicle and penetrates deep in the hair root, destroying it and causing the hair to fall out. Since your hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are necessary to make sure we hit all hair growth cycles to produce maximum hair reduction.

For more information on how the Icon laser system can help improve your skin’s appearance and make you look younger, call us at Danvers Family Doctors in Danvers, Massachusetts.

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