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For Patient's 45 and older:
Guidelines for Scheduling Your Colonoscopy

Has your provider discussed with you about a screening colonoscopy?

Do you want to set up your colonoscopy? If you have not received a call and it has been at least a month, please feel free to call NS GI at  (978) 232-1120  and follow the prompts to the screening mailbox.  A call will be returned within 48 hours to schedule your test.  

Just so you know for timing, as of June 2nd, we are booking out into November and December. 


Dear MassHealth subscribers and all our Patients,

COVID-19 vaccines & boosters are free, safe & effective.

People ages 6 months+ who live, work, or study in Massachusetts should get a COVID-19 vaccine. People ages 5+ should get a booster.

New, updated booster vaccines are even more effective against COVID-19.



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We're excited to now offer mobile check-in!

Please look for an e-mail/text message a few days before your appointment from DocResponse, our new check-in system, which will allow you to register for your appointment from home and at your own convenience. It will also allow you to complete some of the health questions and screeners that are useful for your visit.

photo of Danvers Family Doctors, P.C.photo of Danvers Family Doctors, P.C.

Danvers Family Doctors, P.C., located in Danvers, Massachusetts, provides patients of all ages with skilled and compassionate care. Medical care at Danvers Family Doctors, P.C. includes preventive care, women's healthcare, diabetes care, hypertension treatment, skin cancer treatment, pediatrics, high cholesterol treatment, flu treatment, and much more. The practice motto is "team work," and the staff works together to achieve better health and wellness for patients every day. The team believes in working closely with patients to establish a trusting long-term relationship.

The team at Danvers Family Doctors, P.C. includes Dr. Subroto Bhattacharya (Dr. B.), Sara Castantini, FNP, and Jennifer Richardson, FNP. All team members are especially interested in helping their patients achieve the best health through preventive care, regular monitoring of chronic health conditions, and prompt attention to any urgent health concerns that may arise. Contact Danvers Family Doctors, P.C. anytime to make an appointment with us.

Choose Your Provider

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  • Call now to schedule your free consultation with one of our providers for any of the following applications: 

    Skin Revitalization

    Permanent Hair Reduction

    Pigmented Lesions

    Stretch Marks


    Surgical & Acne Scars

    Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    Skin Resurfacing


    For all our patients we are offering a 10% discount and in addition, if you schedule three procedures your first is free with prepayment of the 2nd and 3rd procedure at the time of your first visit.

In Memory of Frederick Charles Rimmele III, M.D.
(10/3/1968 - 9/11/2001)

Fred Rimmele received his M.D from Duke University Medical College in 1994 and completed his residency training in Family Medicine from the Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice Residency in 1997.  Starting at the Foxboro area Health Center, he soon moved to Marblehead when he joined the faculty team of the Family Practice Residency at Beverly Hospital in August 1998.

Here, he advanced swiftly to become the Medical Director of the Family Practice Health Center. When it became clear that the Residency training program would close in 2002, Fred was the catalyst in the plan to transform the Family Practice Center into a physician owned group practice - Danvers Family Doctors.  Like everything else he did in life, his mission was clear and unwavering.  The newfound practice would serve to provide the same quality of care that the Family Practice Health Center had done and he would be part of it.

Fred never lived to see his project come to life.  On his way to California for a Family Medicine conference, he became one of the victims on board United Airlines flight 175 in the awful tragedy of September 11.  

With his eye for detail, Fred had listed out his vision and plan for the practice very early in the transition.  Today, this practice, which is dedicated in his memory will strive to achieve his vision and standard of care, so that patients who knew him could say: "You did that just the same way as Doctor Rimmele would have done for me."  That perhaps, is the best remembrance we can have of him to cherish his memory every day.

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